About Us

Need something different? No problem! Here at Crown Jewellery School, we offer a full range of jewellery making experiences. 
Our aim is to teach individuals how to make beautiful, fashionable jewellery using materials such as beads, wire and professional jewellery making techniques - taught in a fun and easy manner for students of all levels and abilities.  Our classes range from using basic techniques for beginner classes to using more complex techniques for advanced classes. 

Our tutors are very passionate about jewellery and are dedicated to encouraging individuals to work to their full creative potential. We encourage everyone to try our unique experience. Our teaching is very hands on and you will be pleased with what you achieve by the end of the class and the knowledge that you will gain.

Whether you are a complete beginner, you want to advance your skills or you just simply want to have fun, Crown Jewellery School will have an experience that will suit you.  We promise to deliver an experience that you will remember long after it has ended.